Wednesday, June 11, 2008

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Colin's family invites you to share your thoughts and memories of Dr. Colin David Goodier on this blog honoring his life. If you would like to post a picture of Colin to this site, please email or click the email link below.


Brent Cobb and Family said...

I first met Colin 16 years ago when he was just a budding teenager following in the footsteps of his older brother at Clemson. Fast forward a few years later when Colin was graduating from Jesuit when I was staying at the Goodier's and the budding teenager had become a much larger man with an abundance of confidence. That was the same smart, motivated, caring man I saw at Beth and Chris' wedding. I have not seen Colin in the last few years, but I know that is the same man that left a great legacy Monday only have to know his family, talk to his friends, or hear about his accomplishments.

I always wonder, as everyone does, why God does not extend the life of someone with so much to offer the world. Our pastor recently said that God asks us to live our life (on earth) to its fullest and in his glory and only promises us grace when tragedy enters our lives. I know that Colin was a man of God, lived life to its fullest, up to his last breath, and I trust in the promise God made to give Colin's family the grace to cope with his loss.

I am grateful that I had the chance to know Colin and be part of his family on several occasions, and we extend our best to his wonderful family and friends now and always.

Ed and Betsy Crandell said...

Nicette, Glenn, and Family,

As Chris stated in his eloquent eulogy, one of my earliest memories of Colin is the young man at Christopher and Beth's wedding who came up to me at the end of the reception and said, "I love ya, man, I really love ya." After assuring myself that he had a safe way home, I thought, "What an interesting young man."

Much of our subsequent knowledge of the growth and development of Colin came from Beth and Chris. It was evident that Chris thought very highly of his brother.

More recently, Betsy and I had the opportunity to spend time with Colin during the celebration of Chris' graduation from MUSC. Colin was so proud of his big (not in height) brother. Chris, he loved you so much and it gave us such pleasure to see his delight in your success.

Also during this time, I talked to Colin about his work and plans for the future. It was evident that he had the caring compassion that made him the kind of physician you want treating you or a member of you family.

Another recollection I have of that time was his interactions with Betsy's sister Jamie. As you know Jamie has Down's Syndrome. The true test of character is how one treats someone with a handicap. Colin is the poster boy for kindness.

I will close by asking that we remember and draw comfort from the eulogy. Colin was a remarkable young man whom we were fortunate to know. He lived each day with a zest for life that serves as a model for all of us.

Betsy and I pray that you are comforted by the fact that so many lives were enriched by Dr. Colin David Goodier.

Ed and Betsy

Anonymous said...

"Our World" as you so called it has changed so suddenly...why did you leave me behind? It will never be the same without you and I will miss you forever as long as I am here without you. I am doing exactly what you told me to do and I hope you knew of my destination. It is all for you, the sweet one who held my hand. I ache for you to hold it again. MH.
Till we meet again.....

Anonymous said...

Duncan Hanby
Tuesday, Jun 10, 2008
12:44 AM
To say that I am deeply saddened by the events today would be such a profound understatement. Colin was an incredibly intelligent, talented person whose life was tragically cut short. There is no scale to measure what has been lost today -- for his family, friends and for his future patients.

Mary Ezell
Tuesday, Jun 10, 2008
4:35 AM
My daughter and Colin became best friends while attending LSU Medical School, and I met and fell in love with this wonderfully charisamatic young man, as did anyone who was fortunate enough to know him. Not only was he a gifted young physician, but an extraordinary human being who loved life and lived it to its fullest. My heart goes out to Colin's family, my daughter along with his countless other friends, and the the medical coummunity for such a tragic loss.

Tressa Greene, RN
Tuesday, Jun 10, 2008
6:25 AM
I had the wonderful pleasure of working with Dr. Goodier on a daily basis here at the Lake in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. He was not only a brilliant man, but kind and caring to patients, colleagues, and anyone who crossed his path. He was loved here and we all were glad to have had him in our lives, even if it was only for a brief moment. He will be missed.

Laresha Butler
Tuesday, Jun 10, 2008
7:32 AM
I am shocked and saddened by this tragedy. Colin always walked through the Recovery Room at the Lake with a smile on his face, he was a sweet person with a great personality. He will be GREATLY missed. My heart goes out to his family and close friends. Also to fellow residents and physicians who were fortunate to spend time with him.

Conrad Ebner
Tuesday, Jun 10, 2008
7:37 AM
I knew of Colin all of his life, but only until recently did I have the pleasure and honor of meeting him. Within only that short day that I spent working with him, I could easily see the compassionate and caring person that he was. His energy and passion for what he was doing was contagious and he inspired others around him to enjoy the moment. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

Dawn Jernigan
Tuesday, Jun 10, 2008
7:37 AM
The momentum with which Colin lived life was boundless, he was an inspiration to everyone. He reminded us all that every day is a gift and he led by example. I know that to so many, their days will be a little dimmer without the smart, loving, loyal, driven, sweet ,and cocky friend, and memories of one so filled with all the promise are dearer too. We'll miss you Goodier.

Phil Hoang
Tuesday, Jun 10, 2008
8:31 AM
Colin was my classmate at LSU Medical School. While my interactions with him were few and far inbetween, I knew that he was one of the brightest and motivated of the students; his future had no limit, his rise to the top of the medical profession no ceiling. I, as are my other classmates, are absolutely stunned and saddened by this sudden end to his life. My deepest sympathies are extended to the Goodier family and his loved ones.

Brooke and Hugo St. Hilaire
Tuesday, Jun 10, 2008
9:08 AM
My husband and i knew Colin very well. He always brightened up the room and put a smile on everyone's face. My husband repeatedly told me how great of a surgeon he was and the great things he did for L.S.U. Our hearts go out to his family and friends.

Jacques Gaudet
Tuesday, Jun 10, 2008
12:13 PM
My sincerest condolences go out to Colin's family and freinds. I worked under Colin and was motivated and inspired by his tremendous energy and care for his patients. Colin truly made a difference. He will be sorely missed.

Lois Boagni
Tuesday, Jun 10, 2008
12:33 PM
What a wonderful young man..I knew him daughter's friend..not in his profession..Always polite, respectful of all and caring. I will pray for he and all his loved ones.

Rich Arnold
Tuesday, Jun 10, 2008
2:50 PM
My prayers go out to the Goodier family. Colin was a good friend and a great person. Just awful news.

Brad Culotta
Tuesday, Jun 10, 2008
3:20 PM
Colin was admired by so many and had such a great outlook on life. He will always be remembered and held in highest regards in the LSU Health Sciences Center Community. A scholarship is being created in his name.

Vince Cataldo
Tuesday, Jun 10, 2008
3:36 PM
I first met Colin when he was my medical student at LSU when I was completing my internal medicine residency. Colin was one of the most brilliant medical students I ever had the honor of working with. Not only was he wise beyond his years, but his personality and empathy for his patients demanded respect. Our friendship matured throughout the remainder of his medical school years and during his years of residency. Colin had a zest for life that was unmatched. All of us who were fortunate enough to have witnessed his life and work are better physicians and people for having had the opportunity. I speak for the rest of Colin's friends when I say that we will miss him dearly, and the brief time we had Colin in our lives will never be forgotten.

Chambliss Harrod
Tuesday, Jun 10, 2008
5:58 PM
Colin was a good friend to all and an outstanding human being. He will be missed tremendously. I was one year behind him in medical school and Colin befriended and mentored me. I am very saddened that others will not have the opportunity to meet such an outstanding person. My prayers go out to his family. May God bless you.

Ann Kay Logarbo, M,D,
Tuesday, Jun 10, 2008
7:01 PM
I knew Colin as one of my nephew's (Bill Sherman) good friends, Colin was frequently at our family LSU tailgates. The one thing that stood out about this young physician was his love for life and love for his friends. Even tough I did not know him very well, he held conversations as if we knew him for years! What a tragedy for his family and for the medical community that he will never get to serve those for whom he trained so deligently. May God rest his soul and grant strength to his loved ones.

Adam Polozola
Tuesday, Jun 10, 2008
10:44 PM
I only knew Colin for a short while, but it only took that to realize what a great person he was. Not only was he a good friend, but an even better surgeon. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends, and the LSU Medical community for this tragic loss.

Travis Dotson, MD
Wednesday, Jun 11, 2008
11:13 AM
Colin was a tremendous physician and an even better friend. I had the privilege of meeting Colin in my first year of medical school and we remained close friends thereafter. He was a wonderfully gifted individual who excelled not only in academics and sports but also in his ability to help others. On more than one occasion I have been approached by medical students telling me how much they enjoyed working and learning from Dr. Goodier. This is only a small testament to the type of individual Colin was. My thoughts and prayers are for his family, friends, and patients who all lost him too soon. You will be greatly missed my friend, and the halls of EKL will not be the same without you. Thanks for all the memories. Travis

Regina Middleton RN
Wednesday, Jun 11, 2008
5:22 PM
I had the pleasure to work with Colin in the CICU at Our Lady of the Lake Hospital. My heart goes out to the family and to anyone that was really close to Colin. I only knew him for a short period, but I thank the Lord for the time that I did have. Colin was truly a special person and will be greatly missed. My prayers will be with the family. God Bless

Holly Primeaux
Wednesday, Jun 11, 2008
6:23 PM
I am a medical student at LSU. I was fortunate enough to have Colin as a resident during my surgery rotation at Earl K. Long this year. He was a patient teacher, a kind person, and had a sense of humor that made the days much shorter for us all. His passing is a senseless waste, and my prayers go to his family and to Liz.

Krissy Melancon,RN
Wednesday, Jun 11, 2008
8:41 PM
Although I didn't know him long, I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Goodier in the ER at Prevost Hospital in Donaldsonville on several occasions and I can tell you..he definatley brought a smile to your face when he walked in the ER. Whether it was his crazy hair or mismatched scrubs he would walk in with that big smile and make us all laugh. Working in a small ER gave us all opportunity to get to know each other and have plenty of laughs especially when it came to the ER drama that tends to happen. The last time I worked with him we finally had a discussion about his mismatched scrubs and laughed because once he FINALLY changed scrubs and matched we spent the rest of the 12 hour shift busting our butts! We'l miss you at Prevost..Grey Goose

Kiran Narra
Thursday, Jun 12, 2008
8:52 PM
I was in residency with Colin and spoke to him frequently. We were going to be fellows at LSU together. He was one of the brightest residents I knew. Not only was he a great friend, but he always took the time to help out other people. I extend my sincerest condolences to his family and friends. We will never forget you, Colin.

Angelique Duhon Freel
Friday, Jun 13, 2008
3:48 PM
My husband was selected to start a plastic surgery fellowship with Colin in July of 2009, and he was looking forward to working with such a talented and hard-working surgeon. We are deeply saddened by this loss, and we will always remember Colin…as my husband says, Colin was the guy that all the ladies wanted to date and the men wanted to become. Our deepest sympathy.

Russell Wardlaw
Friday, Jun 13, 2008
6:20 PM
My heart dropped when I heard the news. I will always remember Colin just as my fellow brothers and sisters of the LSU Health Sciences community have described above. May God give Colin's family and friends strength during these difficult times.

Joanna Bunnell, ST
Saturday, Jun 14, 2008
12:00 PM
Dr. Goodier was an incredibly energetic, highly intelligent young man. He seemed to inspire people with just his smile. I pry for his family and friends in their time of mourning.

Jennifer Menard, PA
Saturday, Jun 14, 2008
10:03 PM
It was my pleasure to be a surgery student at EKL while Dr. Goodier was there. It was an inspiration to see such a young, charasmatic, and caring doctor at work. He showed respect to every person that he came in contact with. This world has lost a wonderful person and doctor. My prayers go out to all of his family, friends, and patients. This is a horrible loss.

Shelly Daigle said...

I was a student in surgery with Dr. Goodier just a few months ago. Colin took the time to show me around and really made me feel welcome. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Shelly Daigle, PA-C

Pam Montz said...

As the oldest of Colin's 10 first cousins on his dad's side of the family, I want everyone to know how much he will be missed. Our Thanksgiving Dinners will be not be the same without his funny pants, crazy hats, and bread throwing across the table. And he was brother cheated in football. I will remember Colin waiting for me to come to my car parked in their driveway in the afternoon after classes at Loyola. I will also remember the New Year's Eve he spent with us at our house and my mom gave him his first taste of champagne....he was so funny thinking it made him drunk. We all knew how smart he was and what a wonderful doctor he would be. Thank you to all those who have written a message on this blog...sharing stories about Colin is so comforting for all of us.

Michael Goodier said...

Even though Colin is my younger cousin, I often asked for his advice during medical school as he was an amazing talent. I will always remember the Thanksgiving football games and tennis baseball with him, Christopher, and Chip. Things certainly will not be the same during the holidays and we will always miss him.

Elizabeth LoCoco Doody said...

As Colin's second to oldest cousin, I spent most of my High School and College years babysitting Christopher, Kendall, Colin and Lindsey - also, my other cousins, Christy, Gina and Michael. This created a special bond with all my cousins. I have had the priviledge of seeing all of them grow from newborns to successful adults - all achieving their dreams.

There was no doubt in my mind that Colin would achieve many things in his life - he was the only toddler I knew that slept with plastic tools which he always made me line up in a certain order - and in doing his middle school homework, he would explain more to me than I to him.

Colin, along with all my cousins, have provided wonderful role models for all the younger cousins. My boys were so proud to sit at Colin's LSU Medical School Awards Day and hear their cousin's name called for winning an award.

When my husband and I had our 2nd boy, 7 years ago, I called Aunt Nicette and Uncle Glenn to see if they would mind if we called our son COLIN...... they and BIG COLIN were proud.

After hearing about the loss of BIG COLIN, LITTLE COLIN was talking about how smart BIG COLIN was and how tall BIG COLIN was.... I mentioned what large shoes BIG COLIN wore. LITTLE COLIN responded: " Mom, BIG COLIN'S shoes might be too big for me now, but I can walk beside him...."

I find great comfort in knowing that BIG COLIN is walking besides all of us ......

Lynda Lococo said...

A tradition in our Goodier family almost all of my life has been to have Chicken Salad sandwiches on Chrismas Eve. As we all grew up and married we came back to Mom"s now our home on Christmas Eve to open gifts and eat the sandwiches. The rule all these years has been--OPEN GIFTS FIRST then eat!!!! Kids complained but the rule stuck until a couple of years ago when I caught Colin coming up the stairs from Mamere's with a hand full of sandwiches. Shocked I looked at him and said "Colin you know the rules." Laughing with that beautiful laugh he put his arm around me amd said- "Aunt Lynda- it is time to change the rule---We are starving and in great need of a Chicken Salad fix". I looked at him and new that there would no longer be that rule. To know him was to love him- we shall be forever grateful for all he did for us post Katrina. He was a great help to my husband before his recent surgery-explaining more than any of his Doctors had. Miss him=you bet. I talk to him each day and ask him to help his parents and all of us to go on without him. I thank God for giving him to us and showing us how to live for others. Love Aunt Turkey

Anonymous said...

Happy 29th bday Colin!

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