Thursday, April 2, 2009

Please Lend your Support to Louisiana 3 Feet: The Colin Goodier Bicycle Protection Act

A bill will be introduced to our legislators this spring by Representative Michael Jackson to protect cyclists in Louisiana. If passed, this will be Louisiana’s first law to protect the rights of cyclists. Not only will the law’s text outline cyclists’ equal right to our roads but it deems motorists must give 3 feet of space when passing cyclists and it prohibits harassment of cyclists. The law will serve as a catalyst for education, signage, public service announcements, etc… making the general public aware of the rights of cyclists, saving lives around our state.
How can you help? Here are 3 simple steps:
1) Go to
2) Click the first red link to thank Representative Michael Jackson ( for introducing the Colin Goodier Bicycle Protection Act.
3) Click the next red link to find out your Louisiana House and Louisiana Senate seat’s e-mail addresses by going to their personal pages. Write them a note asking them to vote FOR the Colin Goodier Bicycle Protection Act in the upcoming legislative session.
4) If you are on Facebook, you can join this cause by searching LA 3 Feet under causes.

Check the LA 3 Feet website frequently to find out the latest news. Updates will be posted on the Home Page or on the Forum. Check out the state’s legislative website to see the status of the bill.

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